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LIVE One-Day Writing Workshop Seminar
COMING SOON: Online Writing the Novel Course

Mr. Smoke taught a course (Writing the Novel) at the Palos Verdes Art Center in 2006. Even though he has spoken at seminars and at universities in the past he had never given a multi-week course before then. It was based on his book Stephen Smoke’s Mystery Writing Course. Since that time Mr. Smoke has written and published twenty books, most of them novels. He has just published Writing the Novel, and it is available in softcover, Kindle and Nook formats.  

Mr. Smoke also occasionally offers the Writing the Novel course as a one-day seminar. The one-day seminar covers the following topics:

This seminar is for writers who want the motivation and discipline that come from making a commitment to writing. Learn advanced “tips and tricks” from someone who has actually published major lead-title novels through major New York publishers. The workshop focuses on developing the student’s work beyond the initial stages and includes writing exercises specifically designed by Mr. Smoke to stimulate creativity. Professional, constructive criticism makes this class indispensable for writers looking to take that next step. 

Perfect for Writers Groups or Book Clubs whose members are aspiring authors.

Cost: The cost is $95 per person for the day, twelve students minimum, 25 students maximum. If you live in the Southern California area, there is no travel fee required. If you live outside the Southern California area, a travel fee that includes transportation and one-night’s lodging is required. For more information, click here.


Due to popular demand, geographical restraints and technological advances, Stephen is working on an online version of his course.

The course would be broken down into about a dozen video segments that would include some interactivity. It would be based on the book and would follow the course Stephen has taught several times.

If you would be interested in this online seminar, click here, and we will notify you when the course becomes available.