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Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

Do You Believe in Reincarnation?
I, Walt Whitman
A New Novel by Bestselling Author Stephen Smoke

A Novel by Stephen SmokeI, Walt Whitman is original and imaginative and belongs on the same shelf with novels by John Irving, Neil Gaiman, and Kurt Vonnegut.”—Stan Corwin, author The Creative Writer’s Companion

Novelist Stephen Smoke’s 20th novel explores the issues of death, dying and what happens after we die in this entertaining and alternately humorous and poignant story.

Michael Grace, a recently laid-off writer, is a respected fixture on the LA coffeehouse circuit, where he reads his poetry, excerpts from his well-reviewed but “under-read” novels, and performs original songs. During a psychic reading—a gift from his previous employer—Michael comes to believe that it’s possible he is the reincarnation of Walt Whitman. The next morning, over breakfast, Albert Hall, a lawyer who’s also a fan, tells Michael that a mutual friend told him that Michael is Walt Whitman reincarnated. Even though Michael tells Albert that he’s not sure that’s true, Albert presents Michael with a plan: He offers to sue the publishers of Walt Whitman’s work for 150 years of back royalties.

The new novel has an accompanying soundtrack the reader can hear, at his or her option, while reading the iPad version. The entire soundtrack for I, Walt Whitman as well as the soundtracks for his two other inspirational novels (Trick of the Light and Cathedral of the Senses), are available via iTunes, Amazon or most popular music download sites.

Praise for Trick of the Light:

“Somewhere between Mickey Spillane and Tielhard de Chardin, Trick of the Light provides a kind of nourishment best described as ‘private eye soul food.’” –Ralph Blum, author of The Book of Runes

“And yes, at the end of the search the place of beginning is found at last—and seen for the first time. Not since Colin Wilson’s The Mind Parasites have I so thoroughly enjoyed a metaphysical novel.” –Ken Carey, author of Return of the Bird Tribes


Praise for Cathedral of the Senses:

“Reminiscent of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, set in a world straight out of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Cathedral of the Senses is thought provoking without being preachy. In many ways, it’s a fictional depiction of popular ‘now moment’ philosophies put forth by such contemporary philosophers as Eckhart Tolle.” –John Knoerle, author of A Despicable Profession


“Unlike most Western books I’ve read that try to describe the Zen experience, Cathedral of the Senses creates an environment for the reader to have his or her own experience.” –Bernadette Shih, author of Ling Ling: The Most Beautiful Giant Panda in the World

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