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What I Meant to Say

What I Meant to Say
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Smoke

Mama, did I ever tell you what I meant to say
Father, did I ever tell you what I meant to say
I don’t think so

I know, you think you failed with me, and I’m not what you want me to be
But I know, you did right by me
And I tell you

Though we seldom have the same point of view
It never changed my feelings for you
Not a day goes by, that I don’t think about you
In my way, I try,  though I live without you
So far away, though I could never be closer to you
I just wanted you to know

Those talks we had, I remember
Though I’m sure you think, I’ve forgotten them all
There were many, words spoken
That give me strength, to this very day

Most of all, you never gave up on me
And left me, when others did leave
So now, you must believe me
When I tell you

Repeat Refrain

© 2012 Stephen Smoke. All Rights Reserved