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Twig on a Rushing River

Twig on a Rushing River
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Smoke

I went down to the river
‘Cause there was no place left to go
Sometimes I felt like I was drowning
Sometimes I just went with the flow

Now and then I’d stop for comfort
A kind woman, some drink and a song
I did not see my destination
Couldn’t stay in one place long

So I headed east to New York City
Where I wrote some songs and plays
It was in that dirty, filthy city, oh, my, my lord
That I done lost my country ways

So I headed west to San Francisco
Where I met a dancehall queen
Fell in love with that woman (yes I did)
Ah, but she up and she picked me clean

So I climbed up to one of them tall city buildings
Decided it wasn’t worth all the pain (no more)
So I pushed right off into one of them there city streets
But I forgot that I’d bounce right up again

So I came right through again in a Midwestern city
The songs and memories are comin’ so fast (yes, they are)
That dancehall queen’s now my old lady
I’m a twig on a rushin’ river caught on the past (yes, I am)
I’m a twig on a rushin’ river caught on the past

Hey yeah…

© 2012 Stephen Smoke. All Rights Reserved