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Slowing Down Time

Slowing Down Time
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Smoke

She was a flight risk from the beginning
She came with an expiration date
But I welcomed her coming
Such an elegant twist of fate

And we were slowing down time
We were slowing down time
We were slowing down time
Holding each other…oh yeah

It was an emotional eviction
Finding somewhere else to place my heart
Sifting through the wreckage
Looking for…replacement parts

We were ports in a storm
Spirits hiding in form
We kept each other so warm
Holding each other…oh yeah

I was so young then
And innocent
So much time since
Wasted and ill spent
Paying for crimes
Committed and omitted but rarely meant
Chasing ghosts
That I invent
Losing you haunts me still
And I suppose…it always will

Like messages in a bottle
I hide my feelings in my song
You can hear me in a bluesy bar
The only club where I belong

Can you hear me ‘cross time
Invitations coded in a rhyme
An unsent Valentine
You and me forever…oh yeah

© 2012 Stephen Smoke. All Rights Reserved