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Shakespeare's Cadillac

by Shakespeare's Cadillac | Parallel

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Shakespeare’s Cadillac

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Smoke

Livin’ in my car in the Hollywood Hills

Workin’ as a waiter tryin’ to pay my bills

All day long I play my guitar

Writin’ songs in the back seat of my car

If I ever get outta here I ain’t comin back

Dreamin’ the dream in Shakespeare’s Cadillac

Recorded my songs hustlin’ every day

An A and R man says, “I like the way you play”

I grabbed that life line and didn’t let go

Now I’m drivin down Sunset’…I’m on the radio

Top down, hair blowin, don’t look back

I’m ridin’ smooth…in Shakespeare’s Cadillac


If I could go back and rewrite the script

There’s a lot of things I’d like to flip

One thing I’d never change when I look back

Is that sweet, sweet ride…In my Shake, Shake, Shake…Shakespeare’s Cadillac


Six months in my song hit number ten

I tried real hard to do it again

I barely cracked a hundred, I was yesterday’s news

I was playin’ rock and roll, but I was singin’ the blues

Went down a dark road, thought I’d never come back

I took a detour…in Shakespeare’s Cadillac

I dove into a bottle and I almost drowned

Jobs dried up, people stopped comin’ ‘round

I burned a lotta bridges, said a lotta things

Hard to walk among the people once you been the king

I finally drove down a cul de sac

Ran outta gas…in Shakespeare’s Cadillac


Now I play the one-hit wonder shows

I play a couple of tunes that people sorta know

I can still get laid, I still get paid

But I’m livin’ in a different world from the one I made

Drivin town to town…tryin’ to get back on track

It’s just me and the road and…Shakespeare’s Cadillac


The Story Behind “Shakespeare’s Cadillac”

The reference to Shakespeare’s Cadillac comes from the novel Parallel. When the book’s protagonist, Nick Sands, arrives in California from the Midwest, all he has is his old Cadillac convertible, a guitar, some clothes and the dream of becoming a rock star. For a while he lives in his car and writes songs in the back seat–while working as a waiter on the Sunset Strip. The guys in the band he eventually puts together think Nick is a brillaint writer, and they name his car “Shakespeare’s Cadillac.”

About the Novel Parallel

Back Cover Copy

After briefly losing consciousness as the result of an automobile accident, Nick Sands feels lucky to be alive. A few hours later he’s not so sure. Before the accident he was a San Francisco lawyer on his way to a deposition in Los Angeles. After the accident, he’s a 40-something rock star scheduled to headline a 90’s nostalgia concert later that week in LA. People know him in this alternate world as Nick Sands, faded rock star. And while Nick remembers his “real” life, he also has all the memories of the rock star’s life.

Nick desperately wants to return to his life as a San Francisco lawyer because his girlfriend is about to give birth to their first child. He doesn’t know where to turn for help without sounding like a lunatic.

During his bizarre odyssey in the alternate world, Nick meets people like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, but they are not rock stars in the parallel world because they made different life choices. Nick is truly through the looking glass when he meets other eccentric characters, e.g., Rebecca, a UCLA parapsychologist specializing in “Parallel Reality Therapy,” and The Thin Man, a secretive tech genius and multi-billionaire who has devised a machine that projects virtual reality images created by the brain, simulating how the mind creates reality.

On his journey Nick receives assistance from many sources.

But nothing can prepare him for how that journey ends.

The book is due out in January 2022

Bio of Novelist and Songwriter Stephen Smoke