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Sees the Day

Sees the Day
By Stephen Smoke

People say “Seize the day”
Yet it is the rare person who actually
   “Sees the day”

The day and its simple pleasures
   Opportunities and possibilities
   Delivered each day
      Each moment

While we scan
   Rear view mirrors
   And crystal balls
      Unwilling to admit
      Or unaware
         The past is gone
         And the future never comes

We are architects of deceit
   Building worlds and walls
      Hiding Grand Design in pleasing forms
      Veiling images from plain sight
         Angels lost in angles
         Light obscured by dark glass
         Truth rising out of reach
         Trapped in towers of delusion
         Protecting that which exists
            Only in our minds

He who perceives the day
   Through the prism of the mind
      What should have been
      What could have been
      What may or may not be
   Misses gifts delivered
   Waiting on a life that never comes

Yet he who sees the day
   Sees his life
      Unadorned with adjectives and illusion
         Neither good nor bad
         Without complexity or guile
      Therein lies redemption

He who sees the day
   Fears only wasted time…
   And wasted love

 © 2010 by Stephen Smoke. All rights reserved.