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stephen smoke

Over the years Stephen has written music and occasionally performed solo or with a band. His music has been used in a couple of the movies he directed and, in January of 2010, he signed a music publishing deal with East of Sideways Music. That deal involves the music for a companion album that supports his new novel, Cathedral of the Senses, which will be published in the spring of 2010.

Stephen originally came to Los Angeles to become a singer/songwriter after enjoying some success in the Midwest. After arriving in LA he landed a job writing lead sheets for Motown Records and he wrote a musical, White Light Train, that was produced in Hollywood. He had stints as a reviewer for Record World magazine and other local LA music publications. He also played clubs in Hollywood until the 80s.

The new music for the Cathedral of the Senses album will be recorded by other artists. However, Stephen’s versions are available for FREE as downloads on the Cathedral of the Senses website. The downloads are for musicians who wish to record and submit their versions of the songs. For more details on the Music Project or to hear the songs, go the Cathedral of the Senses website.