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vancouver night skylineI’m headed to Vancouver next month to do some research on the new novel, Rules of the Game. It’s the third book in the “Quantum Detective” series. The first two novels are Trick of the Light and Cathedral of the Senses

I’ve always loved Vancouver. The first time I visited there was when Larry Spiegel, the producer of “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins,” optioned my Los Angeles-based novel “Voices in the Night” and hired me to reset it in Vancouver.

Since then, I’ve been back many times. Now we have family and many close friends in Vancouver.

Rules of the Game is an ambitious novel that includes the first two books’ main characters: Nick Sands and Valerie Tyrell. Much of the book is already written and/or outlined. The book’s setting was always Vancouver.  And though I trust my memory, I’m really looking forward to investigating several special and mysterious places I’ve never been, but really want to see. 

As with the first two novels, there will be music (from a “Rules of the Game” music album) embedded at appropriate points throughout the Rules of the Game eBook*. When the softcover and eBook versions are released this summer, the album will be available on iTunes, Amazon and other popular music download sites, where the Trick of the Light and the Cathedral of the Senses albums are now available. (*The multimedia eBook versions are available in the iBookstore.)