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Practically Here

Practically Here
The Art and Process of Being in the Now Moment

Do you ever find yourself frustrated that the “spiritual” things you’ve been reading about or working on don’t seem to work when you need them most?

Do you ever find that the good feelings of peace and confidence you felt during a weekend seminar seem to get worn down soon after you get back to the daily grind of the “real world”?

You are not alone. In fact, this is the experience of most people taking seminars, reading spiritual books and generally trying to improve the quality of their lives.

Such experiences lead people to frustrating and often erroneous conclusions. The most common conclusions are that what they’ve learned doesn’t work or that they are too weak to make it work.

Let me comment on the last point first. If I were to take a weekend seminar on how to run a marathon, even though I wasn’t in good enough shape to run a quarter of a mile, I might beceome very discouraged over the following week when, no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to run 26 miles. I might conclude that I was too weak to ever accomplish the task. The truth is that people have to train for a marathon. They have to run a mile before they run a 5k; to run a 5k before they run a 10k, so on and so forth. Whenever you learn something new, you have to practice it for a while to get good at it.

While there are great advantages to running a marathon, they pale in comparison to the advantages of being able to effectively handle life’s challenges and be aware enough of who and where you are so that you can appreciate life as it happens. And that is what I call being Practically Here.

In reference to the first conclusion — that what you’ve learned doesn’t work — it’s hard to tell if that’s true or not. Almost any discipline or procedure I’ve read about or learned about works to some extent if you actually apply what you’ve learned. But even the best advice won’t work unless you give it a chance to work.

Practically Here is not a cult, there is no “leader,” no one asks you for your life savings, no one recruits you for the army of “us against them.” It appears to be evolving as a (mainly online) community of people sharing ideas about how to make life work, and using the Processes and Concepts in the book (which will be officially published in the summer of 2013).

Even if you’re already doing something spiritually or philosophically, Practically Here can often enhance it. It does not have to replace what you’re doing in your life that’s already working. Practically Here makes no judgment about other practices, philosophies or religions. Clearly, all of them serve some positive purpose for some of its members.

For more information about Practically Here and how you can submit your “Real Life Practical Wisdom” to the Practically Here community, click here.