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Since I was a teenager, like many people, I’ve been writing poetry.

I put together my first collection, Christmas Mourning, during a particularly difficult period in my late teens. That was followed by Take a Sad Song, and Road into the Sky, both of which had a decidedly brighter tone than the first one.

Over the years I’ve continued to write poetry, mainly for therapy. I look at it this way: I don’t intend that others will read my poems, so if it becomes too personal, no one else will ever see it. And it’s FREE therapy. The only rule I have when I write poetry is to be honest. That way, no matter what, I will reap some benefit from the work.

I’ve posted some poems below that I’ve written over the past ten years.


Poems by Stephen Smoke 

The Gravity of Tears (about the loss of our dog)
I Have Seen the Heart of Man (from the novel, Cathedral of the Senses)
Monet and Other Favorite Painters
The Unspoken Heart (thoughts on the death of someone close)
Deep in the Now…and Now Again
The Book of Time
Sees the Day
Inscribing Eternity
The Dance of Dreams
Observing the World