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Novel Writing

The unique thing about Writing the Novel (see FREE download of Chapter 1 below) is that it’s written by an author who’s actually written twenty. The tips, tricks, insight and exercises are unlike anything else you will find. In fact, this book was changed dramatically as a result of the author teaching a course based on this material over a two-year period. What remains has been proven to work not just for the novice writer, but also for the published writer looking for an edge.

Learn how to put together an outline that helps not only construct a roadmap from the first chapter to the last page, but also helps with pacing, subplots and virtually every other important aspect of your novel. Learn how to create Character Biographies that will forever change the way you write.

Writers create worlds that come alive in the reader’s mind. It’s an amazing gift and a privilege to be able to create a world others choose to share. So take time and care when you create that world and the characters who inhabit it.

Quotes from Reviews:

“During the course of my publishing career I ran two major publishing companies, including Pinnacle Books. More than most people, I know that even though most people want to write, most cannot. The sad thing is that many of them could write but they usually get advice from people who have never been published. Stephen Smoke is one of my favorite writers. And I know that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you can teach it. In fact, I was skeptical when Stephen sent me the book. But this book is packed with advice and genuinely helpful exercises that only someone who’s ‘been there’ could know. People consult with me to help them get published. From now on, my best advice would be read Writing the Novel and then send me something.”
Stan Corwin, Author of The Creative Writer’s Companion

Simple and straightforward! If you’re just starting to write, use Writing the Novel as your guide from beginning to end. And if you have some experience but need help in specific areas, you’ll find it here. Stephen Smoke has crafted a primer that every writer can use.”
Vickey Kall, Author of Death Speaker

This informative and inspiring book should be on every writer’s bookshelf. Unlike other books on the subject, it’s short on theory and jam-packed with practical advice, lots of cool exercises and a few personal anecdotes that will make you laugh out loud. If you really want to write your book and stop talking about it, this book is for you.”
Ildy Lee, President of Southwest Manuscripters


Writing the Novel – Chapter 1