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New York City

New York City
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Smoke

Tenement ladies bring me sunshine
In dark hallways
In cups that are steeped in city broth
I learned to love you always

The deli’s are damp with Village dew
As I make my midnight rounds
I see you dancin’ with the drunkard
When they turn those gas lights down

Streets alive, it’s a gallery
Of ancient faces
Looks like some of them are stuck in
Ancient places

Outlaw’s rich, but he’s on the run
I feel like I’m on the border
Lawman waits to gun him down
While he prays for law and order

In New York City
New York City
New York City…City
New York City…City
New York City…City
New York City…City
Well it’s just all right

I remember when I was on top
I was one of the stars
Had a tab at every one of the
Very best Broadway bars

But it’s gettin’ late and the bottle’s gettin’ dry
But I gotta soggy wit
We could go on for hours
In fact we may never quit

Sweet Mary singin’ in the coffeehouse
She does it mostly for free
No one understands her songs
‘Cept for maybe me

I meet her there on Friday nights
Just to walk her home
We talk of love and life but mainly
We just don’t wanna be alone

In New York City…

© 2012 Stephen Smoke. All Rights Reserved.