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The Prince of Palos Verdes

It was a common joke in Palos Verdes that when God needed money he borrowed it from Justin Wright. But for the corporate tycoon, money and the power that came with it were never enough. He was a collector. Of things and people. Nothing in his empire was more precious than his considerably-younger and stunningly beautiful wife, Judy. And nothing had ever threatened that empire…until the morning he found Judy in the foyer of their three-story mansion brutally murdered.

Sawyer Black is a retired LAPD homicide detective who now writes crime novels, several of which have been made into feature films. He leads an idyllic life in Palos Verdes, eating at the best restaurants, drinking expensive wines, and attending the best seaside parties. Most evenings he sips brandy while petting his koi fish and watching the sun melt orange, yellow and red into the Pacific. But his life, not unlike the lives of the characters in his novels, is not always what it seems. His marriage is in trouble, he’s drinking too much…and his friend’s wife has just been murdered.

When Justin Wright becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s murder and his life and freedom hang in the balance, he turns to Sawyer for help.

But Sawyer is not sure he can save his friend…until he saves himself.

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 Quotes from reviews of The Prince of Palos Verdes.

“A combination of Ross MacDonald and Stuart Woods. Murder, money and sex all wrapped up in a real page-turner by a proven master storyteller.” – John Knoerle, author of The Violin Player.

The Prince of Palos Verdes is a whodunit that also contains considerable insight and keeps you turning pages. A compelling mystery set against the beautiful backdrop of Palos Verdes.” – Lili Miura, publisher of Palos Verdes Style Magazine

“After having written major series set in Brentwood and Pasadena, this talented author adds Palos Verdes to the list of cities inhabited by his compelling and unforgettable characters.” – Stan Corwin, former publisher of Prentice-Hall, and author of “Writing the Bestseller.”