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Stephen Smoke has been writing mysteries for a long time.

In fact, he founded and published Mystery Magazine (see covers below). The magazine was available by subscription and on newsstands throughout the US, UK and Canada.

Special issues were devoted to Sherlock Holmes, Women in Mystery, Dashiell Hammett, Spy Thrillers, Alfred Hitchock, Ross Macdonald, etc. In fact, Mystery Magazine did the last interview with Ross Macdonald.

He published the first online mystery magazine, Hamilton Caine’s Mystery Digest (on CompuServe in 1984). No, that’s not a typo: 1984.

“Back in the day, I had a modem that did 96k per second. That was ‘blinding fast’ then. I modemed copy to a typesetting house and I thought I was living in the future.

“In the Hamilton Caine photo you can see a CPM computer (I chose it over a Mac or PC because I…well, there was no good reason). The gun is a prop, but the woman is real. Incredibly real, actually.

“I love mysteries, always have. My first great reading experience came while I was reading The House of the Baskervilles when I was about ten. Scared the hell out of me. I loved it.”

Here are some covers of Mystery Magazine.







Stephen is planning to publish a new mystery-oriented magazine, with the first issue scheduled for spring of 2013. Lots of his famous and not-so-famous mystery writer friends are signed up and ready to go. Besides providing an online eZine, the new magazine will be available in a tablet App form.

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