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I, Walt Whitman – Music Soundtrack

The “I, Walt Whitman” music album was officially released on October 2, 2012. John Barnard played keyboards on all the songs. Barry Keenan mixed and mastered the songs, and sweetened several tracks including “Oh Virginia,” “What I Meant to Say,” “I Will Wait for You,” “New York City,” and “Twig on a Rushing River.”

You can sample the music on the jukebox below (you must have Flash installed), or via all major music download sites including iTunes and Amazon.

About the Music
(From the novel, I, Walt Whitman)
Readers will notice song references and lyrics in this novel. They are lyrics from songs on the “I, Walt Whitman” music album. All the songs are written and performed by Stephen with the assistance of internationally-renowned musician and songwriter, Barry Keenan, with John Barnard on keyboards. The author is extremely grateful to them both for lending their considerable talents and time to this project.

In 2011 Stephen published the first novel with its own embedded soundtrack: Cathedral of the Senses. The songs on the album (Cathedral of the Senses), were written by Stephen and recorded mainly by musicians and singers living in Sedona. All the songs are available for download via iTunes, Amazon, and other popular music download sites.

In July of 2012 Stephen re-released Trick of the Light, which is the prequel to Cathedral of the Senses.In 1989 he recorded an album (in support of the Trick of the Light novel) on which several well-known musicians, including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, Garth Hudson (the keyboard player for The Band), played on various tracks. The new edition of Trick of the Light was released in softcover and eBook formats, plus an enhanced multimedia version of Trick of the Light for the iPad. The enhanced edition contains portions of the songs embedded at appropriate points in the novel. The songs are available at all popular music download sites.

The re-release of Trick of the Light preceded slightly the publication of I, Walt Whitman (in softcover and eBook formats, along with an enhanced multimedia version for the iPad).

With the publication of Cathedral of the Senses, Trick of the Light, and I, Walt Whitman in all three formats (softcover, eBook, and enhanced multimedia format for the iPad), Stephen has the unique distinction of being a novelist with three multimedia eBooks, each containing its own embedded soundtrack.