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E. L. Nash series

The E. L. Nash series (or the “Black Series”) consists of three novels (at this time; I may add future books to this series): Voices in the Night, Black Butterfly, and Black Heart. Voices in the Night was published by Berkley Books, while the last two were Lead Titles published by HarperCollins.

Each novel is set in the LA area. Nash is a homicide detective, who also plays guitar at downtown (Los Angeles and Pasadena) coffeehouses.

Stephen with Ted Danson

Black Butterfly was optioned by Ted Danson’s film company shortly after the book was first published.

I am reissuing the series in 2013. Each book will have a new cover and will contain a few personal observations about each story and the characters.

Each will be available in softcover and eBook formats (Kindle, Nook, and iBook).

If you would like to be notified when the books will be available, click here and we will send you an email notification one week before each book’s publication.