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Cathedral Of The Senses By Stephen Smoke

A Book Review By Michelle Williams

Breathtaking. Cathedral of the Senses is more than a book; it’s a roller-coaster ride of emotions and a carnival for the senses. It’s a life changing event. It’s not just read, it’s an experience. Smoke’s characters come to life on a brilliantly-painted canvas. It’s like living in a dream where anything can happen. The action is unpredictable and the stories are astoundingly cinematic
and fascinating. It transports the reader into alternate realities where nothing is as it seems, reminding us of the reality which is real or seems real and how our true beliefs shape our lives and determine that reality.

Smoke creates a deeply emotional and spiritual connection with the reader. It’s a real page-turner; I could not put it down. It is powerful and provocative both spiritually and emotionally. One is left asking questions about his or her own existence and personal reality. I feel changed. This book is a must read. It’s a hell of a ride and I feel better off
for having bought a ticket.

Five Stars!