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Beggar’s Cup
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Smoke

When want becomes need
Your soul begins to bleed
 (And) You justify your greed
 (You try to) build a fence around the wind

Your affirmations are routine
(You see the world as) an ATM machine
All that metaphysical caffeine
Can’t wake you from this dream
Hey, hey yeah…

You got the silver and the gold
Just metal on skin when you’re feeling old
Regrets are just receipts for the soul
And I miss you Cora Lee
I miss you Cora Lee
I miss you Cora Lee

2nd Verse
You think there’s something here to find
You try to trap it with your mind
You get lost in the design
Like screening silent movies for the blind

You play games collecting stuff
Every hand is just a bluff
Even winning ain’t enough
In the end you just give it all up
Hey, hey yeah…


You seek the holy grail
But the fire eats you up
You find it’s not for sale
And when you hold it in your hand
You see yourself looking back
From a beggar’s cup

© 2012 Stephen Smoke. All Rights Reserved