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Barry Keenan and the Invisible Poet Kings

These Are the Invisible Poet Kings

Invisible Poet Kings is a rock band based in Los Angeles, CA., USA. The four members. Barry Keenan, Ed Krzyzaniak, Ray Whittenfield & Voyce McGinley III come from different corners of North America bringing together a wide variety of musical and artistic influences. The music is produced by Matt Forger (Michael Jackson/Quincy Jones} and founding band member, Barry Keenan.

Although the band will tell you that the music they perform is “their music”, the category that identifies them mostly falls into the British pop-rock tradition. Music Connection Magazine once wrote in a review of a live performance of Barry Keenan and his band…”enough energy to light up a stadium”.

Keenan is the singer/songwriter of the band. Critics have said that his songs are “thought provoking,” and “his finely crafted lyrics, though completely contemporary, remain timeless”. One critic wrote that “Keenan takes the listener into the abyss…then shows them the way out”.

The music is a rich kaleidoscope of inventive pop, driving rock, urban folk and electronic magic, with strong hooks that entertain the listener in a meaningful way in a rollercoaster of emotions. The stories and ideas contained in the songs ring with a modern sound and are a reflection of the classic music we all love.

Click Here to See Lyrics for "Everything's Going to be Fine"

Everything’s Going To Be Fine

Music and Lyrics by Barry Keenan

I understand you’re worried

You’re feeling the stress

The whole world is turned upside down

You want to succeed

But it’s so hard to breathe

You’ve been way too long underground

Now heroes are villains

It’s kill after killing

A blanket of doom

Covers your eyes

But good things happen all in good time

Everything’s going to be fine


We hear the news

It’s sad and it’s sick

Evil cuts like a knife

I can’t help but wonder what’s happening here

What’s going on with this life

When love is taboo

When I can’t trust you

When it’s common acceptance to cheat and to lie

But good things happen all in good time

You’ll see

Everything’s going to be fine


Now I’m not foolin’

It’s time we start fuelin’

The flame of love in us all

We all have a voice

We all have a choice

To speak or say nothing at all


Oh I can’t ignore it

I open the door up

I go out and I spread the good word

I refuse to stay down

I’m out here on the town

And I profess that it’s all so absurd

Where selfishness dwells

There love resides too

When you recognize it

It will be there for you

Yea good things happen all in good time

You’ll see

Everything’s going to be fine


He’s clearly a really talented guy…. at a time where standing out from the crowd (as Barry does) isn’t as popular as it ought to be. I’d love to find a way to help him… Marc Marot – Chairman, Crown Talent & Media Group; Former President Island Records (U2, Nine Inch Nails, PJ Harvey, CatStevens/Yusef)

“My honest impression of Barry’s music is that it’s excellent. I have nothing bad to say about it… Barry Keenan is an inspired songwriter with uplifting melodies and stunning vocal melodies.. 10 out of 10.” James Moore, Rock Journalist/Critic, “Your Band Is A Virus”

Barry is a great talent and I’ve always felt that when writing with him I was writing with one of the best. Gloria Sklerov–  Emmy, BMI and ASCAP Award Winning Hit Songwriter ((Kenny Rogers, Cher, Kim Carnes and Jeffery Osborne)

On Invisible Poet Kings’ ­ “Clean White Shirt” I love these guys! As the format manager for the Spirit channel on Sirius Satellite Radio, I’m constantly searching for new music to add to the mix. Artist that will compliment the format and add some spice. Every now and then I’ll come across something that’s explosive, exciting and most importantly, a style unlike any other I’ve heard before that’s refreshing to the ears and soul. Needless to say I was blown away when I first heard “Clean White Shirt” from the Invisible Poet Kings. Shawn WillmsFormat Manager for Spirit Sirius Satellite Radio

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