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Inscribing Eternity

Inscribing Eternity
By Stephen Smoke

Life is an endless and perfect process of becoming
A conscious being, beautiful in its infinite individuation, awakening to itself
Gloriously separate, yet inseparable
   Startlingly unique, but inextricably linked through space and time and thought
   Vibrating in Life’s wave of Light
      Rolling over and through us
         Shaping worlds
            Visible and invisible
   Inscribing the face of God in tears of angels
      And children
A process that provides both journey and destination in every step
   A solution in every puzzle
   Eternity in every second
It is a familiar and soothing silence that echoes through fading dreams that ebb and flow
   Then unreal
   Then real again
      An unspoken reminder of all that needs be said
It is a word that lingers on every lip, understood in every tongue
   Yet when spoken aloud, it has no meaning
It is the heartbeat of redemption
   In every desperate heart

© 2008 by Stephen Smoke. All rights reserved.