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book family color1If you or your family are interested in writing a memoir, you’re in luck. In fact, there’s never been a better – and less expensive – time to publish your memoir.

For our purposes here, “memoirs” can be classified into at least two distinct categories. There’s the typical memoir, which is often the collection of stories and reminiscences of a person or a couple. The audience for such a book is, generally, that person or couple’s family.

The second category is what we call “Memorable Moment” books. These are usually – though not always – eBooks because they are inexpensive to update and there’s no printing involved. Also, an eBook provides the opportunity to use video, audio and image files, as well as standard word files. (There is a full explanation of Memorable Moment eBooks in the reprint below.)

The following is a reprint of a blog by Stephen Smoke detailing why now is the best time ever to write and publish your memoir.

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The Top 6 Reasons to Write and Publish Your Family Memoir NOW

icon_book_altPrinting costs. Today when you publish book on-demand, you can quite literally print one copy at a time. I often use, and advise clients to use, CreateSpace. In some cases, we don’t print any books, except for proof copies and personal appearances. CreateSpace has no setup costs. If you can do the setup yourself, or hire those services done, you will have very little out of pocket costs.

icon_book_altNo marketing costs. It’s a family memoir. Your audience is your family and friends, and they are already probably on speed dial or in your “contacts” list.

icon_book_altUnlimited and incredibly inexpensive NEW EDITIONS. I really like this. Obviously a family continues to add to experiences over time. It stands to reason that new additions to the family will only be more computer savvy. With a little help and understanding of the process, families can add chapters to the family story endlessly! Every year brings interesting – on often memorable –  experiences in every family. Future generations will be able to add their chapters to the family memoir, and they’ll be able to do it as easily as copying, pasting, saving and uploading to Amazon or an on-demand printer.

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