Bill of Responsibilities Series

The Teen Bill of Responsibilities Course

Starts Jan 28, 2013

at Los Angeles Southwest College

If you have rights, you have responsibilities.

The Teen Bill of Responsibilities Course is based on the Teen Bill of Responsibilities book.

The Course is FREE to all schools and students. Students will learn:

• If you have rights, you have responsibilities

• The difference between “blame” and “responsibility”

• The Power of Personal Responsibility

Guided Discussion.

Students discuss questions asked by the teacher, drawing from their own life experiences. Neither the teacher nor the author “tells” the students what to think. Using the Guided Discussion method, teachers teach students how to think, not what to think.


Course Topics:

1. General discussion of responsibility

2. Personal Responsibility as it pertains to Family

3. Personal Responsibility as it pertains to School and Friends

4. Personal Responsibility as it pertains to Neighborhood, Community and Country

5. Personal Responsibility as it pertains to Tolerance

6. The Power of Personal Responsibility

The Class Consists of Two Parts

The class will be given on Mondays from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The Teen Bill of Responsibilities Course takes about 45 minutes. Therefore, the remaining 45 minutes will be filled with various activities, including additional speakers, college preparation assistance, advice about obtaining financial aid for college, some tutoring, homework assistance, and developing strategies for success in school. Activities provided during this 45-minute segment will vary depending on the needs and desires of each individual class, the expertise of the teachers, and availability of speakers.

Additional Speakers

The Course will periodically provide speakers from the community to talk to students about issues pertinent to the course and of interest to students. For example, we may have business leaders come in and talk about how taking personal responsibility can lay the foundation for starting a business, launching a successful career, or raising capital to promote a new idea.

Click HERE to see PDF of Teen Bill of Responsibilities Course: Lesson 1 

 The Teen Bill of Responsibilities Book

This is a book about teens, their choices and their responsibility for those choices. It’s a book that is meant to be used even more than it is meant to be read. When the reader is finished with it, most of the pages will contain the reader’s words, the reader’s ideas and the reader’s realizations.


As teenagers transition from childhood to adulthood, naturally they want more rights, more options. They want to be treated differently, and with more respect. They want to have more control over their lives and make more decisions that affect them.

Each chapter is divided into three parts. The first part includes examples of rights and responsibilities that pertain to the chapter topic. For example:

I have the right to be offended by

what someone says or does.

I have a responsibility to realize that not

everything that offends me is necessarily offensive.

The second part includes a typical right the reader might have that pertains to the chapter topic. Several blank lines immediately follow each right in this section. They are provided for the reader to write what he thinks his responsibility would be for that particular right. For example:

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